Top 20 clicks on this blog for 2013 – did your content make the list?

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.49.31 AMEvery year I like to wrap up my blog with some stats. This year I am starting with “Clicks“. Clicks are any link you, the reader, has clicked on and is then tracked in my stats database. It also means I referenced the site in some post so thank you for the content. Many times I summarize a story or blog post and mention other content, this is where the reader decides to click on the original content or not. ¬†Check out this years top clicks below:

* are links to my own content, this means the reader clicked on another piece of my own content. If you are a blogger then this is good, it means readers are getting to your site and then reading other content which affects bounce rate.

URL Clicks 1,017 661 656 546 543 515 501 443 417 360 348 315 276 269 231 222 194 157 153 143

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