YouTubes Automatic Closed Caption is pretty funny

ccIn a recent discussion with Ben Langhinrichs on Facebook about closed captions on our YouTube videos I decided to look into it. Ben also produced a video on how to put custom closed captions in your videos, you can check that video out here, it is a pretty good technique.

What I found interesting, well actually funny, was what the auto closed caption did for one of my videos. I watched the Searchandizing with WebSphere Commerce video and turned on closed captioning – I know see why Ben provides his own script!

My videos are pretty “raw”, meaning, I am not a marketing person, I rarely script my videos out more than basic “tasks” and what I say in the videos usually contain a lot of “ums”, “ah”, and sometimes even verbal mistakes. So what did I learn? Well, I don’t necessarily speak clearly (apparently) and the closed caption proves that – or it at least proves the YouTube auto caption does not like my voice. I will say for the most part you can follow the words and get the point but here are some funny “translations” I noticed in this video, I highlighted my favorites:

What I said YouTube Auto Caption
um arm
searchandizing searching dicing
websphere based web server based
bunch of buncha
websphere search web service search
suggested categories harder koreans
PDF’s PD outs
enter on coffee answer on caulking
are sofas are cell phones
recommend sofas rock’em and softens
sit on a sofa and so forth
sharpsen shops

Here is the video I reference if you care to watch with the auto closed captions turned on:

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