Xtify is now running on my blog!

xtify-iphoneSo I am playing around with Xtify and I pretty impressed with this technology and I am even more impressed with management of the messages/alerts. Don’t know what Xtify is? Watch the video at the end of this blog post.

I simply went to Xtify.com and signed up for the free Reactor service. The service is free if you stay below the 5,000 views per month. Unfortunately my blog gets a lot more than that so we will see what happens.

Next, you get a very nice editor to format your message:


The reactor API also works well on mobile devices. Check out how the NRF message works on my iPhone:



You can also see how the message looks on a desktop browser – if you forgot what it looked like when you first came here:



Lastly, your readers can also click the envelope at the bottom of the page and see your current messages from your campaigns:



You can learn more about Xtify through this video:

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