Competitors stealing or reacting to your prices? Then you need to check this out…

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.05.30 AMThe folks over at Lokad have just released BotDefender, a utility that protects your store from the automated retrieval of your prices by competitors. I was able to ask the company some pretty pointed questions as I was skeptical of the concept at first look and they had some really good answers.

The concept is pretty straightforward, you call out to JavaScript and/or make a server-side call to get the prices dynamically. This would also allow for custom pricing for segmentation or promotions. There are two key elements to their technology that stop static price stripping used by eCommerce competitors:

Tar pitting – a snippet returned by BotDefender contains the logic for a JavaScript callback to retrieve the price from the BotDefender servers

Obfuscation – a snippet returned by BotDefender is an intricate price of HTML and JavaScript designed to be very hard to decipher, no matter if it’s the raw HTML or the DOM (Domain Object Model) that are analyzed.

One reason I really like this plugin model is as Lokad finds new ways to protect your data your site will automatically get the updated technology. Similar to Nortan Anti-Virus. As companies learn what Lokad has done and create alternative ways of extracting the prices Lokad can react centrally – the beauty of a cloud based service.



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