My favorite OS X Mavericks feature!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.18.40 AMI did this all the time mixing Google Maps and sending the address to my phone – which I always thought how dumb that was considering everything else was synchronized so nicely between my Mac and iPhone. The new feature in OS X Mavericks lets you find the location and route on your Mac and send it to your device. This is also very cool because my wife and I share the same Apple account and now I can easily send her directions!

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Add Google Map like grab and scroll to your web site with jQuery

DSCN3434Have you ever wanted to scroll a zoomed-in image around like Google Maps does? Then this plugin is for you!

Working on an internal project I found this very easy to implement plugin for jQuery called jquery-scrollview. I implemented it almost exactly as shown in the code on the Google site.


A great advertisement example!

How cool is this? I went on to the New York Times site and Ralph Lauren has a very cool multi-place advertisement for their The Dog Walk campaign that is a seamlessly connected video. The video is blurry because I didn’t want a massive file but I think you will get the picture.

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BlogDash – A pretty cool blogging service

Out of blogging ideas? Can’t seem to figure out what to write next? Well if you are a niche blogger you may want to check out BlogDash. The service is essentially a list of bloggers categorized for companies to reach out and get product reviews, articles, guest blogs, etc. It might be a really good way to get some free stuff to write reviews about and possibly even get paid for some blog topics.

I rarely ever do a guest blog for a product that is not relevant to my blog so I am very picky. I do however, like to review gadgets, software, and books that I personally have interest in. Either way, I just signed up for this and we will see where it goes!

Debug JavaScript and HTML in a UIWebView on an iOS Device

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.33.29 PMI got my first Mac over the summer and have been playing around writing applications for iPhone and iPad. Being very new to the Mac I am constantly using Google to find tips, tricks, and “how to” articles. And of course when I find something very cool and easy to do I like to share it. This is my first quick tip for developing embedded HTML applications in an iOS device. Without a debugger you are dead in the water!

I am interested to hear if this the best way to debug such applications, any feedback is welcome.

Adding image zoom to Aurora (WebSphere Commerce) Part 2

Earlier this year I posted an article (Using Dynamic Drive‚Äôs Image Zoomer in WebSphere Commerce) but I didn’t complete it. Meaning, if you selected a new swatch color the large zoom image did not change to the new color. This post finishes the implementation, all be it as a little hack but works great!

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