Update on iOS Siri security flaw

So my phone has the IBM account settings on it which disables the use of Siri on a fully locked phone. My wife’s phone, which is running iOS 6, doesn’t even have a setting to disable Siri when the phone is locked and sure enough we posted a message on Facebook via Siri when her phone was fully locked.

4 thoughts on “Update on iOS Siri security flaw

  1. Hi Bob, interesting find. My iPhone 5 is running iOS 6.1.4 and has the option to disable Siri. What series iPhone is your wife using?

    • Thanks for the comment! Its an iPhone 4, I have to verify the OS level however. She can disable Siri altogether but she doesn’t have the option to disable Siri only when the phone is locked.

      • OK, weird. My old iPhone is a 4, but it’s the original 4 series, not 4S; so it doesn’t have Siri. I wonder if the issue is limited to that model and/or OS minor version difference?

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