iOS7 update – one good and one really bad change

apple-logo1I have been using the iOS 7 update for a few days now and outside of the total change in color scheme (which I am not completely sold on yet) there are two things that I have noticed to be worth mentioning:

The first good feature I noticed is the built-in flash light app on the bottom to top scroll gesture. They also moved a lot of heavily used functions to this screen, great job!


The bad feature, or feature removed that I am shocked is in email. The feature is the swipe to delete. I used this to quickly delete an email I know is spam and may be surrounded by good emails. Some people may argue the “Edit” button is good for this but I am having a hard time not being able to swipe to delete. Why would they remove this?

2 thoughts on “iOS7 update – one good and one really bad change

  1. The more I think about this the more mad I get. What is the difference in a left or right swipe? Why change? And since the right swipe does nothing, why not keep it the same?

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