Want to know about Tealeaf integration with WebSphere Commerce?

Look no further than the IBM Education Assistant! This video shows how Tealeaf is integrated with WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 6.



Eclipse and Java in schools oh my!

juno-splashHave you ever had your child come to you with school work and feel like, “wow, I have no idea how to do that” or you have to read the chapter to remember how to do something? Well for the first time in a long time I was able to whip an answer out in seconds. I get a text from my son asking if I can help him and his friend with some college homework and he mentions they are Eclipse questions. My first thought was “wow, they are using Eclipse in school?”. And I was correct, they are using Eclipse and even programming in Java! I was pretty shocked but apparently after scouring the internet a lot of colleges are now using Java and Eclipse.

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Responsive themes for WordPress, mobile, and JetPack

A while ago I switched to the Twenty Eleven theme and more recently I started using the JetPack mobile theme so my site looks very different in a mobile web browser. You can test my blog in your desktop browser and slowly shrink the window to see the responsive design in action. You gotta love WordPress and most of JetPack!

Here is a screen shot of my blog on an iPhone using JetPack:


Properly extending Management Center in WebSphere Commerce

mcManagement Center is the easy to use business user tooling and is usually the primary tool you see in my YouTube videos. Extending WebSphere Commerce and its tooling is structured in a way in which upgrades are seamless. If you do not follow some of the basic guidelines outlined in the InfoCenter then you risk upgrading to the next feature pack with little effort. For the topic I am addressing here you can find some really good reference material here in the InfoCenter that directly relates to extending Management Center.

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Update on iOS Siri security flaw


So my phone has the IBM account settings on it which disables the use of Siri on a fully locked phone. My wife’s phone, which is running iOS 6, doesn’t even have a setting to disable Siri when the phone is locked and sure enough we posted a message on Facebook via Siri when her phone was fully locked.

Major security flaw in iOS with Siri!

I actually just tried this and it in fact is a clear bug with Siri. Now anyone who gets a hold of my phone can post bad things on my behalf (ok not entirely true…read on).

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.20.26 PM

The one difference here is if you have a passcode lock on your phone and the timeout has not been reached you can do this. If the passcode time out has been reached then you will not be able to do this. So really the problem is for people that have pranksters around them, if your phone is not completely locked then they can easily post things on your behalf.

Added Note:

After playing around I realized my IBM security policy prevent Siri from being used on a fully locked phone. Unfortunately for iOS 6 users with no corporate security policy installed can’t even disable Siri from working while the phone is locked. ¬†This is really bad, and my wife was shocked when I showed her I could write on her Facebook wall without getting into her phone.

Check out my updated post here.


Check out this very cool art

My step daughter just started posting her art into products online. She is very talented and is looking to pursue Art in college. Check out her work and help support her!

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.17.49 AM