New Video: Dynamic Merchandising with Custom Category Page Layout

dynamic-merchIn this video I show how you can use template page layouts to give a custom experience for a book store that sells books for University classes. The video shows how you can have “landing pages” for courses to show the instructors picture, name, and biography along with the course description.

Then, instead of using a regular product listing, I use merchandising attributes to put course material and optional course material into two different eSpots. You can imagine the page could have a completely different look and feel from the other categories on the site. This is a good way to haveĀ landing pages for each class very easily without registering new JSP’s for each landing page. I use the category hierarchy to carry out this landing page concept.

3 thoughts on “New Video: Dynamic Merchandising with Custom Category Page Layout

  1. I had updated my workspace with FEP 6 and not able to see “Use in merchansiding” check box while creating new attribute in Attribute dictionary.

      • Thanks for your quick reply Bob. Now I am able to see the “Use in merchansiding” check box after I did the clean build.

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