Coremedia plus WebSphere Commerce – an excellent integration story

header-logoI happen to be engaged with a customer where we will be teaming up with Coremedia for some pretty amazing content management integration with WebSphere Commerce. Coremedia has been around for over 15 years and has a pretty large presence in Europe. Based out of Germany, Coremedia is starting to make grounds in the United States – see the video below for more information on that and make sure you check out their WebSphere Commerce page on their site for some key differentiation they bring to the table.

Some key bullets from their integration benefits page:

  • Drive traffic with engaging experiences across all phases of the customer lifecycle
  • Increase impact of product pages
  • Provide marketing with direct and detailed control of customer experiences
  • Use images and videos to  increase relevance and impact
  • Reinforce brand personality and unify brand identity across multiple channels
  • Enrich or substitute product catalog information
  • Increase awareness, influence, trust, participation and loyalty
  • Multi-channel experience management improves content reuse and expand brand reach
  • Provide competitive differentiation

Check out this video with industry analyst Seth Gottlieb.

In this eight-minute video, industry analyst Seth Gottlieb provides a review of CoreMedia 7 for CMSConnected. – original link

What are your thoughts on Coremedia integration with WebSphere Commerce?

1 thought on “Coremedia plus WebSphere Commerce – an excellent integration story

  1. Thanks for the information Bob. I vaguely remember seeing Coremedia in visionaries quadrant of GMQ for WCM players. Would be curious to see how this compares with IBM’s very own WCM v8.

    Coremedia has good integration capabilities well with SAP WCEM, quite obvious given its German roots. With SAP acquiring hybris (I didn’t say that fate of WCEM is sealed), it would be interesting to see how Coremedia extends its capabilities for hybris.

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