NBS Systems 2013 e-Commerce Benchmark – WebSphere Commerce still the leader!

nbs-system-new-logoThis is an excellent analysis of the various eCommerce systems in the market today. I only viewed the shortened free version which I found extremely comprehensive and much better than the Forrester and Gartner reports – so great job NBS Systems! What is also interesting is NBS Systems actually does hosting for Magento and Hybris implementations.

I really like the “Turnover to consider solution” benchmark because this really is the struggle trying to convince a company to come over to your solution. I found the numbers relatively high based on estimates we have given clients to move to WebSphere Commerce.

Turnover to consider solution:

WebSphere Commerce >$5M ($2M is Saas)
Oracle ATG >$10M/$20M
Intershop >$5M
Hybris >$5M

The analyst called out a truly unique and powerful feature in WebSphere Commerce”

“The “Precision Marketing Tool”
is a fantastic tool and WCS is
the only solution providing such
an advanced tool combined
with an interface that intuitive.” – link

This shows very clearly in the “Advanced marketing tools” benchmark:

WebSphere Commerce 5 stars
Oracle ATG 4 stars
Intershop 3.5 stars
Hybris 3.5 stars

I am very interested to hear from the other eCommerce platforms on what they thought of this benchmark.

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