Leaders For Life International – a camp every teenager should attend

marina_SMI had the pleasure of going to the end of camp ceremony today for my daughter and I must say I was totally impressed with the outcome of this six-day camp.

Leaders for Life International empowers teens entering grades 9-12 to fulfill dreams and achieve success. – link

The camp has two locations, one at the YMCA in Colorado and one at Hamilton College in Clinton NY. It was amazing to hear how many kids absolutely did not want to go and at the end of the week how the camp literally changed their lives. To see some of these kids come out of their shell and do things they never even thought of doing was very impressive.

Here are some more things from The Leaders For LIfe International website you might find interesting if you are considering a leadership course for your teenager:

We help students discover their potential by developing “The Keys to Authentic Living”. The keys help them:
• Establish Goals
• Balance Responsibilities
• Speak with Confidence
• Increase Self-Awareness
• Enhance Self-Motivation
• Make a Positive Difference
• Empower Others to Lead
• Create Programs in Your School


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