Recommend Promotions 101 in WebSphere Commerce


One of the most challenging parts of a commerce site is having the technology to tie the front end advertisements to the back-end promotion engine. For instance, you don’t want to show an advertisement for 15% off an item or items in a category when the promotion is not applicable or not even valid at that time. In this video I show how you can tie promotions and web content together on your WebSphere Commerce site to insure the advertisements are only visible when the promotion is available.

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Awesome product marketing tool for WebSphere Commerce

ZobristLogoIcon_biggerZobrist Inc. has a very cool add-on to the WebSphere Commerce tooling that allows merchandisers to visually re-arrange products in a category and instantly see other things like available inventory levels. The user interface is extremely intuitive, check out the video below to see it in action.

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Three cool examples of dynamic segment rules in WebSphere Commerce

smartercommerceI have blogged about dynamic segments in WebSphere Commerce a few times because I think they are extremely powerful and allow marketing to do all kinds of very cool things to make their site more interesting to a buyer. The InfoCenter has a really good page with three great examples for how the rules for dynamic segments can be constructed. Remember, this is in the Management Center and these flows are constructed with basic drag and drop gestures.

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Adding the Pinterest “Pin it” button to WebSphere Commerce

pinit-aurora1With social media becoming more and more popular many sites offer a “Pin it” button for their products to be posted on Pinterest. If you are working in WebSphere Commerce and modifying the Aurora storefront, here is a quick snippet of code you can put into the ProductDisplay.jsp to enable this functionality.

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Leaders For Life International – a camp every teenager should attend

marina_SMI had the pleasure of going to the end of camp ceremony today for my daughter and I must say I was totally impressed with the outcome of this six-day camp.

Leaders for Life International empowers teens entering grades 9-12 to fulfill dreams and achieve success. – link

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What is the one word that defines you?

whatsyourwordThe other day I read this very interesting article by Dharmesh Shah, the Founder and CTO at HubSpot. I found the article interesting because any time I am in a situation andĀ asked or told about another professional I hear the same old descriptions – which in the end mean nothing to me. I am going to start using some of the words Dharmesh identified in this article to start describing the people I know. Of course this also opens the door for argument because the word only has meaning in the context of how I know the person professionally or personally – or maybe both.

I love the word “relentless” as described in the article. It really does carry all kinds of visions of a hard worker, persistence, and an achiever. I have often been described as “energetic” and “passionate” but I think I will work toward relentless or determined.

The cool thing is, you get to choose how people view you. As long as your actions constantly and consistently match your positioning, as long as you are intentional in thought and action, you can determine the immediate and direct connection people make when they see, hear, or think about you. – link