Congratulations to my son Nathan, best Fathers day gift ever!


I don’t normally write much personal stuff on my blog but I was so proud of my son Nathan last night I have to put this on my blog so I will always have this here.

Last night my son had his “moving up ceremony” from fifth grade to sixth. This is a pretty big deal because three elementary schools merge to one school – about 240 kids total. What I did not know was what I was about to hear when the awards ceremony started. At all of these events I record as much as I can during the introduction and if my child is announced I get the video, if not I usually just delete the video. This time I was actually surprised three times!

In the end, there were five categories of awards and Nathan received three of them. I was truly impressed and proud when I heard he got the last award, which only one boy and one girl in the school get.

  • National Association of Elementary School Principals Outstanding Citizenship Award
  • Presidents Education Award – link
  • The Hal Gehrig Memorial Award presented to the Outstanding All Around 5th Grader – which included his picture on a plaque at the school, a framed certificate, and a $50 savings bond.

I posted the video on Facebook if you want to watch it.

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