College hire interviews: Internships, personality, and drive

gpaI recently read the article about Googles position on GPA’s and Brainteasers in interviews. This is really a new college hire interview as a professional interview is vastly different from someone coming right out of college.

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Getting the Pulse of the social world

kloutIf you haven’t seen the “Pulse” area on Klout you might want to check it out. You can see the most influential people by many different categories ranging from Late Night hosts to Universities.

Congratulations to my son Nathan, best Fathers day gift ever!


I don’t normally write much personal stuff on my blog but I was so proud of my son Nathan last night I have to put this on my blog so I will always have this here.

Last night my son had his “moving up ceremony” from fifth grade to sixth. This is a pretty big deal because three elementary schools merge to one school – about 240 kids total. What I did not know was what I was about to hear when the awards ceremony started. At all of these events I record as much as I can during the introduction and if my child is announced I get the video, if not I usually just delete the video. This time I was actually surprised three times!

In the end, there were five categories of awards and Nathan received three of them. I was truly impressed and proud when I heard he got the last award, which only one boy and one girl in the school get.

  • National Association of Elementary School Principals Outstanding Citizenship Award
  • Presidents Education Award – link
  • The Hal Gehrig Memorial Award presented to the Outstanding All Around 5th Grader – which included his picture on a plaque at the school, a framed certificate, and a $50 savings bond.

I posted the video on Facebook if you want to watch it.

Product delivery date: An online shopping experience

deltaI have been in the process of remodeling my kitchen. I am not going to mention any companies here but you can imagine two very large home improvement stores in the United States and those are the two I will be talking about. Oh yes, and I also checked Amazon. 🙂

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Using XPath API to figure out my stats post is now translated in Spanish!

A bit back I was asked if one of my blog posts could be translated on a support page for a hosting company’s site. The post was originally put on this blog on 12/19/2012 and is titled “Using the XPath API to figure out my stats“.  Here is a snippet of the translated post and link to the site:

Uno de los problemas principales que tengo con WordPress básico es que si bien hace un buen trabajo proporcionando tus estadísticas alrededor de las vistas (el número de vistas que obtienes por publicación), no hace un buen trabajo en lo que respecta al conteo de las publicaciones. En la publicación anterior tuve que crear un cuadro para mostrar cuántas publicaciones de blog escribí en los últimos meses y años. Estoy seguro de que existe un plugin en algún lugar para esto, así que si lo conoces, ¡por favor, dímelo en los comentarios!

Introducing my new Commerce channel on Youtube

commerce-channelI have a collection of videos on my YouTube channel and most of my recent ones are about commerce and more specifically WebSphere Commerce. The commerce related videos are similar to what we would show to a customer in a meeting or at a conference but in a smaller scope and generalized.

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