Smarter Commerce: Having trouble putting the pieces together?

So you are at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit and you are seeing all kinds products and services from IBM and Business Partners. If you are asking yourself questions like this:

  • What value do I get choosing IBM for a specific piece of my Smarter Commerce puzzle?
  • What is the value of choosing IBM for multiple products?
  • What value is there in having these solutions integrated versus a competitor?
  • What business partner would you recommend for X, if any?
  • Why should I choose IBM for our eCommerce vision?

If you didn’t get these answered during the sessions, meeting with our executives, from a business partner or even from your IBM sales team then you should know this:

My team is a team of Smarter Commerce architects responsible for all products in the Industry Solutions portfolio specific to eCommerce for all of North America. We specialize in Smarter Commerce Strategy and architecture. We can help you find your gaps and help fill those gaps with an IBM product and service or through a Business Partners products and services. If we don’t know the answer we can quickly find the answer. Hit me up if you have any questions here at the Summit. I am @bobbalfe on Twitter, direct message me or simply Tweet me for a meeting.

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