Creating a custom build with Dojo Toolkit Web Builder

Do you want to use only a small piece of Dojo? Does Dojo have a really cool feature you want but you don’t want to take the entire library?

Then the Dojo Toolkit Web Builder is for you. I recently created a desktop web application where I wanted to use the Swipe function in the Gesture package of Dojo. I am not using a lot of Dojo at all in this application so I really only wanted the dojox.gesture.swipe package. The web builder allows you to select the packages you want and it builds a single compressed dojo.js file with all the required dependencies, how cool is that? So instead of having a 24MB dojo directory I have a 150KB dojo.js file. This is perfect for a desktop application as the local footprint is minimal. If you want to integrate an optimized dojo build into your build process you should follow this article on DeveloperWorks – Create optimized Dojo builds for your custom Dojo artifacts

2 thoughts on “Creating a custom build with Dojo Toolkit Web Builder

  1. I like the DWB, however there are times, i cannot be connected to the internet and have to settle for the Rhino Version, which is just too complicated, i don’t mind if you can explain on how Node can be used. but great article. 150kb ? seems a bit on the high side, does this build apply to both webKit and Non-webKit devices.

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