Gift Registry: A pleasurable experience!

466px-Target_Logo.svgMy cousin and his wife are having a baby, we get the invite to the baby shower and see they have a gift registry at Target. We start by simply going to the store but we could have just gone to the Target web site and found the name to see what is there and even order the items online. We enter the store and we go to the gift registry kiosk and look up my cousins’ name. Bingo, it comes right up. I clearly see a “Print Registry” button and click it. What prints out is the entire registry with all of the information I need to find the item in the store:

  • Asking For
  • Purchased
  • Categorized items
  • Description
  • Price
  • Item #
  • The store isle it is in

At the top of the print out there are also instructions for how to use the document for myself and for the cashier. We looked at the list and found two items we wanted to purchase, looked at the isle they are in and quickly found them in the store. We the proceeded to the checkout, scanned the items, and handed the cashier the registry printout. She scans in the bar code across the top and viola, my cousins registry is updated with our purchases. Even better, the register identifies the two items we purchased (separate from the 10 other items) and prints out gift receipts for just those two items.

To me this was an amazingly seamless process from the shopper’s point of view. Target, in my opinion, has mastered this process and has made it very easy for its customers. This is a prime example of using technology to make shopping easier. Thank you Target!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful and informative post. We had also registered with an online gift registry, at the time of our wedding. We just enjoy their services and got so many benefits. It is always a fun and advantage to have an online gift registry.

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