Why do you favorite a tweet?

twitter-favI have seen an interesting pattern while watching people favorite my tweets and others tweets. I have never really been a fan of favoriting tweets because I read them and then possibly open the associated link and it its good I re-tweet it.  I have come to the conclusion there are three reasons at play here – maybe you can think of more:

  1. They favorite a tweet to read later because they don’t have time to read it now but don’t want to lose it.
  2. They favorite a tweet to keep a list of things they like – ie. favorite it. So they can always go back to it later.
  3. Draw attention to yourself from the tweeter.

While I can see the value in 1 and 2, number 3 simply annoys me. I also think if you favorite a tweet, why wouldn’t you re-tweet it? If it truly is a favorite then at some point you should re-tweet it in my opinion, otherwise you quickly fall into number 3.



21 thoughts on “Why do you favorite a tweet?

  1. I just recently started using the favorite option … before I only retweeted.
    If I retweet or favorite the reason is that I like what I see / read. But I ask myself one question:

    “Is it interesting just for me or also for those who follow my account?”

    If it’s interesting for everyone else I usually retweet. If it’s just for me I favorite.
    For me a favorite is an appreciation to the poster to tell him “Thank you for posting this / making me aware of this”.

    • I did notice that many people have pretty good favorite lists however I have also noticed many social media accounts favorite a lot! Like many tweets a day often several a minute – which makes me wonder their motivation.

      • That attention thing is a general Twittet problem imo.

        I just recently reduced my Twitter followers from over 400 to around 200 by blocking all those marketing guys who only want attention by following you.

  2. I favorite tweets as a means of bookmarking. So in theory I can find them again. I suppose I usually RT things I favorite.. but not always if it’s more for me and less value to my followers.
    I never thought of #3 at all. I guess I sometimes see that people favorited a tweet of mine on my iPhone twitter app. I never see that anywhere else though. So don’t really pay any attention to stuff like that.

  3. I favorite a tweet so that I can enjoy them the whole year, or to bookmark something that I will look at later (some customer sites block certain websites, especially blogs and youtube, so I use “favorite” to read those posts later)

  4. There are many hilarious people that make fantastic use out of the 140 character limit. That being said, at times I favorite tweets instead of retweeting because I don’t need my boss or colleagues at work seeing the innapropriate humor that I enjoy from college friends or parody accounts. If it gives me a chuckle, I’ll most likely favorite it right away. Retweeting is a completely different side of the story. Perfect example: @CloydRivers Ran outside with a golf sack full of cold ones. Saluted and yelled, “Swingin’ sticks and bangin’ chicks. The Masters is back, jack. Merica.” – There’s no way I’d retweet that.

    • Good point Dan! I guess sometimes you want to save the tweet for yourself but don’t want to publicisize it. Too bad there wasn’t a private “favorites”.

  5. Okay– I’m going to start favoritizing… I was also a little bummed by all the favortizing that doesn’t get RT’d but now I get it. Thanks for this post. Oh, I have noticed that #3 reason is the one used by the “buy-10,000-twitter-followers” guys to get a free follow (they wish).

  6. When I was super active on twitter (2009-2011), I favorited tweets that either a) I wanted to keep forever to refer back to or b) I wanted to RT eventually (for example, I created a #FF list of the same people and favorited those tweets to copy/paste later)..

    The reason I searched this out today, though, is because I’m back on twitter under a different, more public account (I tweet spoilers of the TV Show Big Brother) and I’ve noticed people favoriting the most random tweets. I started wondering if that was their way of showing me they “Like” the tweet since twitter doesn’t have that feature (yet). It almost seems like a code, it shows up in my Interactions but they can go through their favorites occasionally and delete their random old favorites. They “favorite” a tweet that’s meant specifically for them (otherwise if they REALLY like it, they’d RT it). Perfect example, I had someone ask me a question about the show, I answered, they replied, “Thank You”, I replied “YW” and they favorited the “YW” tweet. That’s definitely not something they would ever RT, and it’s so random, but maybe they are trying to just end the conversation by, what they see as, “liking” it.

  7. I’m a sports nut and a lot of my tweets are about sporting events that are in progress. So I might tweet that Eli Manning just got intercepted. And then there will be 20 more tweets from followers on my timeline about Eli being intercepted. Now a lot of my followers will say something about the interception that I find especially funny or witty. But since I’ve already tweeted a post about the interception, rarely will I retweet another post about it. So I just favorite their tweet to let them know I “like” what they said. I may never go back to most of these favorited tweets, but it is just my way of letting a lollower know I read their tweet and I liked it.

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  9. I started noticing this lately, thanks for posting! As far as #1, doesn’t it take longer to read something enough to know if you want to favorite than to read the entire 140 characters? I get #2, but I suspect many of the favorites I see may be #3.

  10. So another words tweets that her favorite tent or worthless I wish Twitter would do away with this either retweet me or don’t bother

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