Opinion: Non-relevant promoted content on social networks is BAD.

promotedtweetsYou are on your favorite social site and you search for something. The results come back and guess what? The top result has nothing to do with your search term nor does it even contain your search term.

In this scenario I searched for “IBM” on Twitter and it gave the “Top people” which was good, it was two IBM accounts. But then look at the first entry in the “Top Tweets” section. It’s a CISCO promoted tweet from two months ago and IBM is not even a word in the tweet or the content!  I don’t know about you but this is very annoying to me. I know Twitter has to make money and CISCO and IBM are technology companies but really? What is even more interesting is if I search IBM many times I see totally different CISCO promotions.

So then I got thinking, maybe Twitter is using some kind of analytic engine to actually associate a CISCO tweet with IBM?  Clearly it can’t be completely random, right? Is there no IBM partner or promoted IBM content that would surely show on Twitter before a CISCO tweet?  Did CISCO purchase the promoted rights to the search term “IBM”?

3 thoughts on “Opinion: Non-relevant promoted content on social networks is BAD.

    • So do you use saved search lists or even tag searching? #IBM also does the same thing. No matter how I search Twitter I always get the sponsored tweets up front.

  1. Interesting that the bottom of your blog post had an ad generated from your content for MonsterMarketplace. It’s a revenue stream just like Twitter does for a free service. The paid services that tried all failed. I just ignore the ads no matter what and move on.

    Also it is surprising you were able to just find two IBM accounts from the hundreds and hundreds they allow

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