Baiting the Big Guy, the Smarter Shopper has arrived

BaitingBigGuyCustomers are getting smarter. Smarter about products, brands, services, and most of all the way social works. The younger generation catches on quickly and often thinks outside of the box to get what they want. They call you out when they learn things, often using social media to tout their findings. In this post I outline two approaches “kids” use to figure out about a brand or get that special discount. I say kids but the reality is many internet savvy people are doing these things every day and you as a brand need to understand what happens when you are called out.

The Spam Finder

The first scenario is a disgruntled holiday shopper that all of the sudden started getting many “spam” emails from all kinds of companies. The shopper knew they purchased gifts on four different sites and wanted to figure out which site sold their email. The trick was they created four different emails on GMail and registered one email per site. Within days, two of the email accounts started getting unsolicited emails, that’s 50%! This could be harmful to the brand if something like that goes viral on Facebook or Twitter and calls you out. Be upfront and tell them their information is being sold but if you really want loyalty then clearly claim you will not sell their information. The later seems to be more the mode of operation on most sites because they want to build that loyal customer.

Abandoned Cart? No problem, here is your coupon!

The next story is a very interesting one to me indeed as I have often written about “abandoned shopping carts”, customer dialogs, and coupons. Did you ever wonder why your company has so many abandoned shopping carts? It only takes one person to abandon a cart, get an email with a coupon the next day because of the abandoned cart and next thing you know everyone that person knows is abandoning carts to get the coupons! Yep, you might want to do a few extra checks before issuing that coupon or only issue them under certain conditions like a return customer or a customer that has previously ordered from you.

If you have any stories around “baiting the big guy” I would love to hear them.

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