I made the top 5% viewed profiles on LinkedIn

So back in November (2012) I wrote about how you can get views on your LinkedIn profile by making sure your profile is as complete as you can make it (Who’s viewed your profile) – thanks again Ben Martin. So look what I got in my email today, not bad for 200 million members!



8 thoughts on “I made the top 5% viewed profiles on LinkedIn

  1. I received this email as well. It’s a bit surprising so I was searching to make sure it wasn’t a mass email everyone received. If not, congrats to us!

  2. I got the top 10% and I didn’t do anything! 😀

    Also based on the metrics I’ve been watching I’d say the vast majority of pages never get looked at.

    If you want to bump those stats though you only need to randomly look at 10-20 peoples pages and they will view yours as it shows up in the viewed stats.

  3. I got this email too. I think it’s hogwash. My profile is not updated and I haven’t even logged into my LinkedIn account more than ten times in the last few months.

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