Story boarding your customer interactions with WebSphere Commerce

I started creating a presentation to show to a customer about the journey map a customer has while dealing with your web site and/or mobile device. I wanted to show this in a unique way and have it be in the context of the presentation which was precision marketing using out of the box WebSphere Commerce. Precision marketing is essentially putting forth offers and dialog to the customers that are relevant to them – either through segmentation, online behavior, or purchasing behavior. Then it hit me, the business user tooling in WebSphere Commerce reads like a book and the flow is right in front of your face! So I created a slide that simply showed a customers journey on the site and what offers are sent to them from certain events. There are many combinations I could do but hopefully you get the point with the set I have here.

Think of each of these flows (or rules) as part of the customers journey map. Every action essentially has an automatic reaction from the system, either through email or a text message. Hopefully you can read the flows as easily as I can; you start from left to right – start with the green dot and end with the red dot. This in my opinion shows the ease of use and readability of the business user tooling in WebSphere Commerce. Here are some basic rules you could create for all customers or a segment:





Places an order:


Mobile Check-in:


Participates in Social Commerce:


Customer Abandons Shopping Cart:


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