Properly cleaning up a JQuery Dialog box to prevent memory leaks

One of the cool things about JQuery is you can declare an invisible DIV with a “display:none” style and then use that DIV as the content for a popup dialog box in your application. I have been working on a pretty dynamic web application that is pretty much all JavaScript and buttons come and go based on the users actions. This can present a problem with regard to memory consumption. Each time you call $(“#dialog”).dialog() jQuery creates a set of DIV’s in the base of the HTML.

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I made the top 5% viewed profiles on LinkedIn

So back in November (2012) I wrote about how you can get views on your LinkedIn profile by making sure your profile is as complete as you can make it (Who’s viewed your profile) – thanks again Ben Martin. So look what I got in my email today, not bad for 200 million members!



Story boarding your customer interactions with WebSphere Commerce

I started creating a presentation to show to a customer about the journey map a customer has while dealing with your web site and/or mobile device. I wanted to show this in a unique way and have it be in the context of the presentation which was precision marketing using out of the box WebSphere Commerce. Precision marketing is essentially putting forth offers and dialog to the customers that are relevant to them – either through segmentation, online behavior, or purchasing behavior. Then it hit me, the business user tooling in WebSphere Commerce reads like a book and the flow is right in front of your face! So I created a slide that simply showed a customers journey on the site and what offers are sent to them from certain events. There are many combinations I could do but hopefully you get the point with the set I have here.

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Managing Category Attributes in WebSphere Commerce

In this video I show how easily you can arrange and hide and show facets for a specific category in WebSphere Commerce. For more information you can check out the WebSphere Commerce InfoCenter.

Oreo takes advantage of the power outage with social media

In case you missed this, which you probably haven’t since it is all over the news now, but Oreo and their ad agency (360i) took advantage of the power outage at the Super Dome last night and tweeted “Power Out? No problem” with the picture on the right. Brilliant! The picture was re-tweeted over 13,000 times.