What’s new in Eclipse Juno?

juno-iconFinally got around to installing Eclipse Juno. It has the long anticipated E4 modules that I was playing with a couple of years ago. Check out the E4 page to learn about the underlying SDK.

First off, it has a new shiny logo (on the right) and a pretty cool looking splash screen, see below.

I was able to simply download the zip file and run it! I installed the 64bit for Java EE Developers, check out the page here. You have to love that install model – so simple. I even loaded my older workspaces and everything “just worked”. The entire UI has pretty much been revamped with a lot of little goodies spread throughout. Here is a list of some of my favorite features:

  • The new UI
  • Multi-drag sash
  • Detached Editors
  • Flexible part layout – You can now mix views and editors!
  • The common event bus – very cool, check out the plugin page for “what’s new”. You can also check out the new event model here.
  • Trim styling, since the UI is based on CSS, you can do some pretty slick things now.

Check out the new splash screen:


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