LinkedIn Groups come through again!

While playing around in Sametime I came across this apparently not too well-known feature and blogged about it last week – Can’t remember that person who Sametime’d you?.

Before I begin I want to thank everyone for responding, liking, and emailing me!

Of course the post shows up on PlanetLotus but I also posted it on LinkedIn in the group named “Lotus Notes/Domino Technologies (7.000+ members)“. Which I usually do when its relevant to Notes and Domino. What I didn’t expect was getting over 700 referrers from LinkedIn for it!

What was interesting from the chart below is the LinkedIn refers didn’t start happening until 5 days later – a Monday. The first two days were primarily from news readers and PlanetLotus, starting on Monday 100% of the referrers came from the LinkedIn Group.


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