Reinventing, Risk, and Parents – One on One with Ginni Rometty

What a great interview with our Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty. All business professionals should listen to Ginny and her views on becoming the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world and her views on strategy and the company. I took a lot away from this interview and will be sharing with my kids. In my short thirteen years (and over twenty something career) I have seen IBM reinvent itself and its products many times. I love change and I am always looking to expand and reinvent myself. I have children getting ready to go into college and thinking in these broader and bigger terms can guide anyone in having a fulfilling and fun career. If I had to sum up my position on life and career in one word would be to have fun. With hard work and having fun in what you do the money and success will come. Here are some key takeaways I took from this great interview:

  • Never love something so much you can’t let go
  • Strategic beliefs – don’t just have a strategy, believe it!
  • Accessibility to debate internally – Connections has literally transformed IBM, from silo-ed repositories to a searchable intranet you can pretty much find anything.
  • Having a higher purpose in what you do – this is similar to my “side project” belief. Always have something on the side that allows you to grow personally and professionally.
  • The impact of your parents and actions speak louder than words – My parents were a huge part of my success. Their support in believing “you can do anything” and “work hard” have been a major part of my thinking since an early age.
  • Worst mistake – not moving fast enough on something, didn’t take a big enough risk
  • Becoming a Global citizen

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