Why LinkedIn should be worth more than Facebook

It’s an age-old adage – Business vs Pleasure.

In a world where athletes make millions and the average business person makes less than $100K it is hard to argue that a market designed for entertainment isn’t big business. However, the customers are clearly in it for pleasure. This is why Facebook on paper is more valuable than LinkedIn – how can you argue with almost a billion users? LinkedIn, however, has over 200 million “business users” and the entire focus of LinkedIn is to “link” you with other business people.

I check a lot of sites for “news” – CNN, ESPN, Mashable, IBM’s Intranet, and a few others. I also check Facebook and LinkedIn daily. Facebook is clearly for “entertainment” while LinkedIn is all business. At this point I have almost double the connections on LinkedIn than I do friends on Facebook and the news feed is becoming more and more valuable from a business perspective. The news feed in LinkedIn is becoming more and more my “daily news”; mainly because the people I connect to are in or related to my business life. The posts are getting better and better and Group usage in my opinion is on the rise. I have made so many connections to customers and partners from LinkedIn groups it is now surpassing my blog and Twitter. In the end this just makes myself and my company more accessible.

If you have not taken LinkedIn serious you may want to consider it and grow your network!


4 thoughts on “Why LinkedIn should be worth more than Facebook

  1. Can somebody explain the benefits of LinkedIn?
    I know a lot of Domino Dev people, and some of them have heard of me. But nobody has worked with me or can acknowledge the work I do. I work here with very few contacts to other Employees and none to any outside people. Nobody I work with has a LinkedIn profile.
    So what use is it? What can it be used for? Am I missing something fundamental here because I honestly don’t see the point.

    • Hi Dragon, thanks for the response!

      Do you subscribe to any Lotus or Domino groups? Basically it is good for connections to other subject matter experts, recruiters and job boards, groups where relevant posts and discussions are created,etc. I will say the Lotus and Domino communities have other means of providing “community” like support however I am always reading posts in the different Lotus/Domino groups on LinkedIn.

    • Dragon (I do know your first name 🙂 ), I never worked with you but with your comments on Notes.net, Codestore, Ferdy’s, etc. you’ve established a high reputation with me, I trust you to be a very well experienced Domino consultant. If I were to apply for a job in a company you worked for I would probably be reaching out to you to learn about the job/company. Also, if I get a CV from someone applying for a position in my team and I find that you have worked together I will also reach out to you.

      LinkedIn is not the holy grail though, it is only another piece of the puzzle.

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