Shopperception – The future of shopping and some new metrics!

Location, location, location.

Check out this new video shown at CES 2013 where a system based on the Xbox Connect technology shows where the most physical activity is on a shelf in the store. While most products “sell themselves” this kind of data could be very useful in making sure the most popular items are “in the right spot” on a given shelf. A couple of possible metrics I can see coming from this:

  • Products on a shelf that get picked up a lot but have little sales might prove to be valuable. What if the flashy box attracted the customer but they read the ingredients or looked at the product description and put it back.
  • It might start a bidding war for product placement. For instance, if a product sells more but is placed at a less active spot on the shelf it may be time to change it.
  • A/B testing! Test placing different products in different places or near other products to optimize sales.

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