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A few weeks ago my youngest son Nathan and I talked about creating a game review blog. I figured this would be a great learning exercise for him and make “gaming” into a positive by applying critical thinking. The idea is he gets a new game on the xBox, Wii, iPad, etc and he has to write a review of the game in a notepad I gave him. So far he loves the idea and has written up some pretty impressive reviews. I do minor edits to his reviews but in general he does most of the writing behind them.

I started searching around for “the best” game review WordPress theme I could find and after reviewing over 25 themes I settled on LeetPress. Yes, it cost $45 but in the end it provided an amazingly easy blogging template for reviews and had all the criteria I was looking for:

  • Multiple category rating system
  • Media insertion tagging – extended the rich text editor
  • Separated blog posts from review, video, and screen shot posts
  • A professional user interface
  • Multiple custom side bar widgets
  • Highly rated by the community

I am totally impressed with the enhancements they have done to WordPress to make creating reviews so easily. You can check out Nathans site and see what functionality it has. The user interface is essentially out of the box LeetPress with the addition of an advertisement section on the posts that I inserted. You can watch the video below to learn more about LeetPress. I had the site up and running within a couple of hours. Once we went through some quick tutorials we were up and running!

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  2. He is almost 11. I actually attempted to do this with my older son, now 18, but he didn’t show any interest. Nathan is a pretty good reader and writer, I think that’s why he like doing this.

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