Getting and setting radio button values with JQuery

I figured I would share this because I found so many inconsistent hits on the internet searching for a solution. I have this dialog that I pop up and want to set the values and then retrieve the values once OK is hit using JQuery.


The HTML is pretty straight forward:


The code to set the value from my model looks like this:

var $radios = $('input:radio[name=transition]');
$radios.filter('[value=' + model.options.transition +']').attr('checked', true);

The code to retrieve the value looks like this:

model.options.transition = $('input:radio[name=transition]:checked').val();

Printing from the iPhone and iPad

photo 1

I have waited for this for a while and didn’t think to check the app store for this little app.  No, I am not an apple Airprint guy so I don’t have the native print capability in my iDevices. I have an HP All-in-One printer I bought several years ago. So all of you HP fans who are not aware of this cool application you should think about getting it.  I have already used it a few times for some web printing and got the application installed on my iPhone and iPad. You can connect directly to a Wifi printer or the printer just needs to be on the network your device is attached to.

Just search for “HP ePrint” in the App Store, it’s free!

photo 2

New Video: Subscriptions in WebSphere Commerce!

In this video I show how subscription based products can be configured in WebSphere Commerce using the business user tooling – Management Center. After seeing the magazine in the store front I show how the product is setup and then show how different rules can be setup for subscription events like a new subscription and a cancel subscription. You can also do another event type “subscription is about to expire” and offer a similar coupon to entice them to renew, more on subscription events can be found in the online help here.

A great marketing and customer dialog example!

princess_house_crystal_heritage_water_goblet_P0000075358S0690T2It was a cold winter night as I went into the garage and retrieved the almost empty Princess House Crystal Truffle bowl my mother left with the a small amount of the tasty dessert remaining. I picked up the expensive bowl and realized there was a crack almost all the way around it, my heart sank as I realized I now have to call mom…

Ok, enough with the dramatics! After much searching I went online and found a replacement site to order the 15+-year-old bowl. Of course the sticker shock was not enough but searching for a long time frustrated me even more. Eventually I was able to find it and order it.

Today, in my email, I received from the company I ordered it from a list of crystal replacements that have the same pattern. These are pretty hard to find and to know they are now in stock is great news. The email had a list with the price and in stock inventory of the pieces.

Special Note – The following is a sample of hard-to-find pieces
                      in this pattern that have just arrived, and that
                      are available while supplies last. (Our entire
                      inventory in this pattern is listed immediately
                      below this “newly arrived” section.)


What’s new in Eclipse Juno?

juno-iconFinally got around to installing Eclipse Juno. It has the long anticipated E4 modules that I was playing with a couple of years ago. Check out the E4 page to learn about the underlying SDK.

First off, it has a new shiny logo (on the right) and a pretty cool looking splash screen, see below.

I was able to simply download the zip file and run it! I installed the 64bit for Java EE Developers, check out the page here. You have to love that install model – so simple. I even loaded my older workspaces and everything “just worked”. The entire UI has pretty much been revamped with a lot of little goodies spread throughout. Here is a list of some of my favorite features:

  • The new UI
  • Multi-drag sash
  • Detached Editors
  • Flexible part layout – You can now mix views and editors!
  • The common event bus – very cool, check out the plugin page for “what’s new”. You can also check out the new event model here.
  • Trim styling, since the UI is based on CSS, you can do some pretty slick things now.

Check out the new splash screen:


LinkedIn Groups come through again!

While playing around in Sametime I came across this apparently not too well-known feature and blogged about it last week – Can’t remember that person who Sametime’d you?.

Before I begin I want to thank everyone for responding, liking, and emailing me!

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Reinventing, Risk, and Parents – One on One with Ginni Rometty

What a great interview with our Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty. All business professionals should listen to Ginny and her views on becoming the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world and her views on strategy and the company. I took a lot away from this interview and will be sharing with my kids. In my short thirteen years (and over twenty something career) I have seen IBM reinvent itself and its products many times. I love change and I am always looking to expand and reinvent myself. I have children getting ready to go into college and thinking in these broader and bigger terms can guide anyone in having a fulfilling and fun career. If I had to sum up my position on life and career in one word would be to have fun. With hard work and having fun in what you do the money and success will come. Here are some key takeaways I took from this great interview:

  • Never love something so much you can’t let go
  • Strategic beliefs – don’t just have a strategy, believe it!
  • Accessibility to debate internally – Connections has literally transformed IBM, from silo-ed repositories to a searchable intranet you can pretty much find anything.
  • Having a higher purpose in what you do – this is similar to my “side project” belief. Always have something on the side that allows you to grow personally and professionally.
  • The impact of your parents and actions speak louder than words – My parents were a huge part of my success. Their support in believing “you can do anything” and “work hard” have been a major part of my thinking since an early age.
  • Worst mistake – not moving fast enough on something, didn’t take a big enough risk
  • Becoming a Global citizen