Windows 8 Upgrade – A new beginning

Since the world is coming to an end this week, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 8. The install was seamless as I opted for the download version. A couple of reboots and my machine had a new look and feel. Unless you want a completely new Windows experience, I would not recommend this upgrade. If you are adventurous and like new things it looks like its a pretty polished upgrade.

It it going to take me a bit to get use to the operating system. The user interface is very responsive and kind of intuitive. The worst part of the process, and I may have messed this up, is it took all of my old applications and put them in a Windows.old folder. I had to essentially re-install all of my applications. It did preserve all of my data (the My Documents folder) and all of my songs, pictures, etc. I find navigation a little strange right now but I am slowly getting use to it. I also have to figure out how to get my Lenovo W500 Fingerprint reader working as Lenovo does not have a Windows 8 driver for it yet. Outside of that little problem everything seems to be working great!

By the way, I agree with Joe, the Windows 8 Logo is a disaster.

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  1. I also installed Windows 8 and am finding it a little hard to get used to. Not sure how to deal with the tile interface so I am just using the old style Windows desktop for now. Notes 9 does run nicely on it but I haven’t really pushed it yet. Windows Skype is also really weird if you are used to the standard version. Still trying to get it to work correctly on a two monitor system as it really only cares about the main monitor and doesn’t seem to recognize additional ones.

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