Eclipse SWT ImageData to the rescue for image resizing!

A little side project I have here at work has taken a life on of its own. Most recently with the launch of the new Aurora storefront I once again enhanced an internal tool to automatically size product images to adhere to the size requirements for the store. I ended up using Eclipses SWT (The Standard Widget Toolkit) that comes with Eclipse to do this. What I wanted to share today was how easy this was using the SWT API’s.

In the code below I actually base the new scale off of the width passed into the method. Once I get that ratio I can apply it to the height and width of the original image to get the new sizes.

//Retain the original width and height
double oWidth = data.width;
double oHeight = data.height;
//Use the width as the scale so the end image is proportional
// "width" is the newly desired width of the resulting image
double yScale = width/oWidth;
int newWidth = (int)(oWidth * yScale);
int newHeight = (int)(oHeight * yScale);
//Call the magic API to scale the image data
ImageData nData = data.scaledTo(newWidth, newHeight);
//Create a new ImageLoader to save the data, base it on the new Data
ImageLoader imageLoader = new ImageLoader(); = new ImageData[] {nData};

int option = SWT.IMAGE_JPEG;
//Figure out the format of the image based on the filename
//This is probably stored in the ImageData somewhere...
if (newFileName.toLowerCase().endsWith("jpg"))
	option = SWT.IMAGE_JPEG;
else if(newFileName.toLowerCase().endsWith("png"))
	option = SWT.IMAGE_PNG;
else if(newFileName.toLowerCase().endsWith("bmp"))
	option = SWT.IMAGE_BMP;
else if(newFileName.toLowerCase().endsWith("gif"))
	option = SWT.IMAGE_GIF;
else if(newFileName.toLowerCase().endsWith("ico"))
	option = SWT.IMAGE_ICO;
else if(newFileName.toLowerCase().endsWith("tiff"))
	option = SWT.IMAGE_TIFF;
//Save the new image to the new file name!,option);

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