My new Pinterest board for some GIMP work I have been doing

Check out my new Pinterest board, I play with GIMP a lot in my spare time.

Link to board is here.

I followed this video I found on YouTube, I think this is the best video showing the mask layer concepts in GIMP. It is amazing how easy it is to do something like this in GIMP.


Happy Birthday Marines!

Photo from Shortwave Central

To all United States Marines in the world, I want to wish you a 236th Happy Birthday! Have a safe and fun weekend.


Modifying the Aurora Home Page

With the new code base in the WebSphere Commerce Aurora starter store it is even easier to modify things like the Home page. If you have not seen the Aurora store front you can check out a three minute YouTube video I posted showing the slick new look¬†here.¬†Basically all of the store “templates” are now abstracted out into a single folder and are individual JSP pages. If you want to learn how to create a new template for a page “type” you should check out this great article by Drew Harvey. In Aurora, there are several different template types out of the box:

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Results for poll: Have you ever clicked on a FB advertisement?

Very interesting results, it is pretty close to what I had expected. You can view the poll results on LinkedIn here.


Who’s viewed your profile?

Your LinkedIn profile can either be a positive or negative element in the social world equation. I received some good tips from Ben Martin about how to have a profile that gets results. While I am not looking for a job, I do use my LinkedIn profile to connect with customers and partners and I want to be “found” when I am not out looking for others. I want others to find me. Since I expanded my introduction section I have seen a drastic difference in the statistics around how many times my profile was viewed or has shown up in search results.

If you want to be taken seriously you should have as much information about your skills as possible. People are looking for something out of the ordinary buzzwords. I am sure my profile is not perfect and if you have any advice for me please share!