Rewarding the influential customer – Part 1

So you have heard of Klout Scores or Kred Influence and are not sure what it means in the end. One scenario I have played out is rewarding an influential social person when they comment or rate a product on a commerce site. This will be a two-part post where I set up the logic engine in the first step then show the result in the second post. In the scenario below I have extended the Management Center tooling with a new Klout Score checker, allowing the marketing person to target customers with a specific Klout Score or a Klout Score range.

In this scenario we want to reward a person who has posted at least 3 reviews on our site and has an influence score above a certain number. I will set up two rules in the WebSphere Commerce tooling Management Center. The first rule will put the qualified customer into a dynamic customer segment :

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Let’s look at what this rule does. The first icon checks to see if the customer has reviewed at least 3 products and has rated those products with a rating of 3 or higher. Here is a screen shot of that flow elements definition:

The second icon checks the customers Klout score. If the customers Klout score is 60 or higher, then continue to add the customer into the dynamic customer segment named “Influential Customers“. In order to even get the customers Klout score they will need to supply their Twitter Id or authenticate with their Twitter Id. Once you get that id you can call the Klout REST API’s to get the scores and then cache them into a table. According to the Klout API docs you can cache the Klout score for up to five days. I highly recommend caching so your calls are going against the database versus the live REST call for performance reasons. More information on the Klout API here.

Next we create a promotion for the 20% off and simply select the customer segment “Influential Customers”. That should be pretty straight forward so I wont show any screen shots here.

Lastly, in the second rule we want to advertise to the customer that they are eligible for this promotion and show an advertisement on the web site:

We will use the Promotion Checker target to see if the customer is eligible to see the advertisement. The great thing about this tool is once the customer uses the promotion the advertisement will no longer appear.

The next blog post will show an end to end video of the different rules and site in play.



2 thoughts on “Rewarding the influential customer – Part 1

  1. Bob, great idea on extending the rule targets to include Klout score to identify those with higher influence! Combined with the other behavioral targets within WebSphere Commerce, this has the potential to be quite powerful.

    On the link you provided about the Klout API, it says it is only available for Twitter and Google+; I would hope a Facebook connection would be forthcoming as I think I personally find I use my Facebook ID to authenticate in various websites versus Twitter. Your thoughts?

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