The power of SEO when no one is home…chirr chirr chirr chirr

One of the interesting things about the internet and writing on the internet is once you get some kind of solid foundation you realize some articles are actually read sometimes months or even years after they are posted. Google does a good job in relevancy finds but its only as good as your title, tags, and content. If you are lucky you may create enough articles that when someone searches on their favorite search engine they get directed to your masterpiece.

I try to tag/categorize every single post I can and have somewhat descriptive titles because those are the key words the search engines rank on most. Then of course the content is always king. The most clicks your posts generate on the search site the better chance your article will move up in the ranks.

As you can see from the chart below, I just took a random day where I had not posted in a few days to see what impact search engines and social sites have on my blog read counts.

The site actually got 190 hits that day and the previous post was actually four days prior spanning the weekend so the referrer count was pretty much narrowed down to searches and social sites.

On an average day where I do post I get about 350-700 visits on those days and still get an average of 100-200 visits from search engines and social sites. That means on average I am seeing one third of my traffic resulting from searches.

What is “chirr chirr chirr” you ask? It is suppose to be the sound of crickets, I actually found this to see how it is spelled.

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