IBM’s Processor Value Unit [PVU] licensing for Distributed Software

Image Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation. Unauthorized use not permitted.WebSphere Commerce fits into the “Distributed Software” pricing model at IBM. This means you pay by processor type and how many cores that are active for the software. Essentially any “active” core the software is running on you have to pay the Processor Value Unit (PVU) for each of those cores. From the writing of this article the suggested retail price per 100 PVU’s is $119,000*. You can read more about that on the Passport Advantage site here. I specifically say active because there are some implementations that have active-passive fail over. You don’t pay for the “passive” part of that implementation until it becomes active. In an active-active implementation you would pay for both active instances. So if each active instance is 200 PVU’s, you would be required to license 400 PVU’s.

The primary reason I wanted to write about this is to save these links to some vital sites when wanting to know how much WebSphere Commerce cost or how many PVU’s are calculated for a specific processor or service (like Amazon Cloud).

The first link is the one I mentioned above. It is the product page for WebSphere Commerce. Here you can even launch into a PVU calculator where you can find out how many PVU’s for a specific hardware implementation may cost.

The next link is the Processor Value Unit [PVU] licensing for Distributed Software page where it looks like it gets updated pretty frequently. This is the place to go to get a quick summary of how many cores and PVU’s are for specific processors and hardware.

The last link is for anyone considering the Amazon Cloud. First I will say you may want to check out the Commerce On The Cloud offering by IBM prior to going to Amazon. However, if you want pricing for the Amazon Cloud you will enjoy this page: Licensing for Amazon Cloud.

 *Pricing:  Catalog prices are exclusive of tax and subject to change without notice. Passport Advantage customers will see their Relationship Suggested Volume Pricing during checkout. – link

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