Internet Explorer KILLS the competition with HTML 5 Animation

I downloaded the Adobe’s new Edge Animate and played around with the tutorials for a bit and even did a basic animation. After I saved the HTML I then launched it into my default browser (Chrome) and was not very impressed. The animation was very choppy and even left blit marks throughout the animation, some really bad double buffering going on…

I then went back into Edge Animate and added even more animation, the text growing over the time line. This made it even worse in Chrome! I then opened the file in all of the major browsers (IE, FireFox, and Safari) and was amazed how great Internet Explorer did! It was by far the smoothest animation, with FireFox coming in a close second. You can’t completely tell by the video but you can definitely see how horrible Chrome is. And yes, these are all the latest browsers, except FireFox (I can’t keep up with their weekly updates).

I know this is a basic test but its pretty clear who the winner is here, without any “special” HTML5 code. It could also be that Adobe is in Microsofts pockets and intentionally made it perform better in IE but someone would have to prove that to me.

In the video I show Chrome, Safari, FireFox, then Internet Explorer.

2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer KILLS the competition with HTML 5 Animation

  1. Bob I’ve watched this a couple of times and I can’t see how IE out performs the other browsers. Everyone would appreciate either IE improving to the point where we can stop working harder to accomodate it or were it to go away.

    • Yeah the videos don’t really show it well at all. I am going to post the files here so people can see for themselves. Let me know what you think after I post them.

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