Integrating Unica Campaign and WebSphere Commerce

In this video I show one way how Unica Campaign and SPSS scoring could be integrated with WebSphere Commerce. I demonstrate how basic customer segmentation based on unauthenticated, authenticated male, and an authenticated female customers get a different experience in the online store. This is a basic integration of WebSphere Commerce and Unica Campaign, depending on your environment and the data repositories in your environment you may have a different approach.


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  2. I got this question in a few places, YES this is a real live environment. Its not fake. The Unica server is actually pushing the data to commerce and the commerce system is reading those offers from the table populated by Unica.

    • Unica is able to do this real time as it has the feature of scheduling flowcharts every minute, hourly, daily, weekly etc. and calculate the scores every time and assign offers dynamically based on users purchases. Unica Insight can study the digital body language of the end user and we can create rules based on that and can display dynamic offers based on the items the user visit and brands they go after. (SPSS modeler can determine pattern and provide most likely next purchase and we can provide offer based on that). It is so very exciting built such an integrated system.

  3. Any guidance into the steps of how the integration was achieved? Is that a customized action in management center ? Are the Campaign Webservices used in this integration?

    • It is a direct connection with Unica Campaign pushing offers to an offers table in WebSphere Commerce. Yes, that is a custom action used to display an offer in the eSpot based on who the person is and what is in the offers table.

  4. Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business. In the digital world, the corporation’s e-commerce site is the primary means of engaging prospects and customers. However, with customers demanding more personalized communication from their brand, marketers are struggling to create meaningful conversations with their audience.IBM Unica Campaign and Interact is an enterprise level marketing platform that allows marketers to personalize, in real time, the experience of customers interacting with websites, call centers, and other inbound and outbound marketing channels.
    WebSphere Commerce comes with a built-in precision marketing capability that provides a rich interface for the marketing team to create precise and timely marketing promotions to target individual customers and the customer segments. Several marketing activities can be created by marketers with the Precision marketing tool such as web activities, dialog activities, activity templates. If there is a need to create activities for which no widgets are available, then we can customize it in the IBM Management Center® for WebSphere Commerce. This article explains how to customize a web activity to use the contact history that is generated by IBM Campaign. The steps require a working knowledge of IBM WebSphere® Commerce Developer Environment, IBM Campaign, and Interact.
    Several other direct integration approaches are possible between Commerce, Campaign, and Interact. With the approach described in this article, marketers can use prebuilt customized elements in a marketing web activity to quickly accelerate the delivery of relevant offers at scale across the enterprise in a repeatable fashion without having to focus on the technical elements.

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