Great example of a customer dialog activity!

I went on to Tommy Hilfiger’s site and I instantly got this splash screen:

I love their products and getting 20% off for simply registering is a great idea to me! I went ahead and registered and sure enough a little bit later in the Balfe household I get an email to verify my email address and account with a coupon code!

So how did they do this? Well, I don’t know exactly how they did it but I can pretty much guess.

First, they set up a flash advertisement on the site for unauthenticated customers to show the “Register Now” page. This is a pretty basic rule and easy to accomplish using the tooling. Once the customer registers, there is an event (a trigger) that is sent to the commerce system that a dialog activity can catch. Here is a basic flow of a dialog activity that sends an email when a customer registers (link to InfoCenter):

Email Templates can be used to have generic emails with key fields and advertisements put into a template. Below is a sample email template from the Madisons Starter store. Notice the “Insert Content” button where you can select from a range of fields and content like First Name, Last Name, Link, Content Spot, E-Marketing Spot, and Promotion.

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The coupon model they most likely used was a coupon set up for 20% and a redemption count of “one”. Here is a sample promotion image cut out from the Management Center showing some of the options for redemption:

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Dialog activities are a powerful feature and you have the flexibility to use the many built in triggers or create your own triggers.  From the Info Center, here is a list of the current out of the box triggers for dialog activities:

Trigger What triggers the activity to start or continue

Trigger: WaitWait

A specific period of time has elapsed.

Example: Wait for two weeks and then continue the activity.

Trigger: Customer RegistersCustomer Registers

A customer successfully registers with your store.

Trigger: Customer Places OrderCustomer Places Order

A customer places an order with your store.

Trigger: Customer Participates in Social CommerceCustomer Participates in Social Commerce

Introduced in Feature Pack 3 This trigger is enhanced to provide more options.

A customer has participated in any social commerce activity on your site.

Example: A customer has done any of the following things at least three times:

  • Posted a product review or comment, or rated a product
  • Posted a blog entry or comment, or rated a blog entry
  • Uploaded a photo

Introduced in Feature Pack 3 A customer has participated in any social commerce activity, or a specific activity, on your site. 
Example: A customer has created a product review with at least a three-star rating in the Televisions category.

Trigger: Customer Abandons Shopping CartCustomer Abandons Shopping Cart

A customer has placed something in the shopping cart and has not checked out within the number of days you specify.

Example: A customer has abandoned a shopping cart for three days.

Trigger: Customer Is In SegmentCustomer Is In Segment

A customer belongs to a customer segment you specify on the day the activity runs.

Example: The customer belongs to the Preferred Customer customer segment.

Trigger: Customer Celebrates BirthdayCustomer Celebrates Birthday

A customer is celebrating his or her birthday in the number of days you specify, or today.

Example: The customer is celebrating a birthday in 7 days.

Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Trigger: Wait for EventWait for Event

A custom event that the triggers listed in this table do not support.


  • A customer adds an item to a wish list
  • A customer clicks a custom link on a store page
Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Trigger: Customer SearchesCustomer Searches

A customer searches in the store.

Example: The customer searches multiple times for the same product.

Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Recurring Order EventRecurring Order Event

A customer has triggered a recurring order event.


  • A customer orders a recurring order
  • A customer cancels a recurring order
  • A customer’s recurring order is about to expire or has already expired
Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Subscription EventSubscription Event

A customer has triggered a subscription event.


  • A customer orders a subscription
  • A customer cancels a subscription
  • A customer’s subscription is about to expire
  • A customer’s subscription has already expired
Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Trigger: Customer Checks Out With Promotion Customer Checks Out With Promotion

A customer checks out with a specific promotion applied to the order.

Example: A customer checks out with the Furniture Blowout promotion applied to the order.

Feature Pack 4 or later

Trigger: Customer Checks In Customer Checks In

A customer checks in to a specific point of interest or region using a mobile device.

Example: A customer enters a brick-and-mortar store, and then uses a mobile phone to “check in” and see what the current store promotions are.

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