Why you should add a calendar to your eCommerce site – Fab.com

I was playing around on Fab.com and I found it interesting it had a “Calendar” link at the top of the page. I clicked it and I was put to a calendar like page showing the Daily Sales specials coming up in the next week. I think this is an excellent concept for eCommerce sites. It is sort of like their own news paper of coupons right on the site. Knowing when a sale for an item you are interested in is key in the commerce space. Many companies hold promotions or sales on future dates and advertise product or group sales in advance. This is the first time I have seen a company actually promote individual item sales on their site in a calendar format – very cool indeed.

Fab.com also has a nice little widget that rotates the number of likes products have on their site. Once again, great feature. Nicely placed rotating content that is not obtrusive to the site and may actually lead to sales. The cool fade in and fade out java script gives it an elegant look and feel.

Lastly, I can not tell you enough how much Pinterest is changing the online commerce world. If you have sharp images of your products and allow customers to “Pin It” then  you are clearly headed in the right direction. Pinterest is the next “big thing” and the concept is simple, its a virtual pin board.

These guys clearly take pride in the design of their site. I can easily see many commerce related sites using many of these features. Great job Fab.com!

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