Facebook, teenagers, and pre-teens

There is word on the internet that Facebook might allow pre-teens to have accounts on Facebook. The reality is many accounts on Facebook are already under the age of 13 and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. As parents you can friend your child and actively monitor their accounts but the child can easily de-friend you and then you have to apply other means of discipline. You also see many other articles about this topic, like “The 5 Facebook Dangers“. The article explains how students, court room consequences, child porn, and jobs can all be subject to online activity.

An idea I had, as I expressed on this site in a comment, is to have the parent involved in the registration process and have Facebook make the parents a permanent friend. This would not allow the child to de-friend their parent until they are 18, or 16 or whatever age is appropriate. Having four older teenagers I constantly see posts or discussions that could eliminate them from college or jobs in the future. The bottom line is kids are kids and they don’t often see the bigger picture and the repercussions of their online activity. I would really like to see this same restriction on all social networks. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Protecting our children’s future in the online world is getting harder and harder.

3 thoughts on “Facebook, teenagers, and pre-teens

  1. Great points. My kids aren’t Facebook-aged yet, but I really like the idea of the permanent friendship setting for parents. I also think that all parents should subscribe to SMS alerts for updates from your children (either on FB, Twitter, etc…)

  2. thanks Chris, I am finding more and more stuff on Facebook and Twitter that are just disturbing as we monitor our own kids. Most of it is from other kids who are clearly not monitored by their parents.

  3. I can’t agree more with the parents involvement. But the kids usually don’t want their parents to “monitor” their online activity, This happen to my kids. The only thing I can do is to educate them which is bad and which is good. And in time they will also know about that (especially sex related)

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