Putting yourself in a YouTube video, is it worth the fuss?

I have done close to 40 videos on YouTube and I have heard on several occasions that I should put a video of myself down in the lower right corner of my demonstrations. I have mixed feelings about this. One, I think having my face in the video and seeing me speak may be good to ‘connect’ with my viewers but I can’t get passed the space it takes on the screen. The real-estate is hard to deal with already and I kind of feel having me on the screen would just be a kind of¬†narcissism. I have watched many videos and the kinds of videos I create don’t normally have a live feed of the presenter; however, there are some exceptions. I have somewhat modeled my videos after Khan Academy, although I am nowhere near as good as him, he saves the real-estate for the content. So I think content is key with this kind of video. There is also the presentation of myself. I would have to actually “look good”, maybe record in a different room (one without a ceiling fan). Possibly get an actual camera versus the laptop camera. etc, etc.

What do you think? Would this be a good thing or a wasted effort?

3 thoughts on “Putting yourself in a YouTube video, is it worth the fuss?

  1. I think it is a good thing, you don’t have to do PIP all the time but I think the watcher likes to know who is the face behind the voice and it is good for you if people know your face if you are on a LUG or Lotusphere for example.

  2. I would suggest putting yourself in the corner of the video during the first minute of so, during the introduction. When you start moving things around and need the full screen estate, have the image of you fade away. When you get to a point where you have more to explain and not much is happening on the screen, put yourself back for a while. That way you get the best of both ways, you connect with teh viewer and make it more interesting during narratives, but you also get the full screen for demos.

    • @Martin – good point, I can see that and I was also thinking it makes a bit more personal.

      @Karl – That’s actually a great idea, I have seen that also on some videos.

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