Killer App for iPhone: Group Text!

I am finding more and more I have to use group texting from my iPhone. I have a group of friends, a softball team to coach and a pretty big family. All of these “lists” have to be created manually and since many of my recipients phones don’t support group messaging the “list” gets lost and I have to recreate it. The iPhone also does not let you add people to the message once the original message is sent. I really think this should just be a feature on the iPhone, maybe it will some day.

On to my point, the application “Group Text” is a killer application for me now. It is literally saving me time on a daily basis. I can manage multiple lists, add, delete, etc and even do some things I have not ventured into yet like inserts. You can check out their site to get a list of all the features included.

So why did pick this application over the dozens of other group text applications? Well, it had the most ratings along with the highest ratings. I read a lot of the reviews and I was sold within minutes. Especially after reading the many reviews on the other applications.



2 thoughts on “Killer App for iPhone: Group Text!

  1. I will add, the one thing that is kind of an annoyance is the fact you have to turn off Media Messaging (MMS) in order for this to work. The team is working with Apple is resolving this for future releases.

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