My two most popular posts this year

It’s not often I get more than a few hundred hits on blog posts. I actually average between 200-400 hits per post but for some reason these two posts have received a lot of views.

The statistics come from, an aggregation site where most of my Lotus brethren follow. What is interesting is the Searchandizing post is really just a video and has nowhere near the video views as the blog post views. My blog actually does not have as many hits as the PlanetLotus post does, meaning the PlanetLotus post is probably getting picked up in search results and they are not clicking through to my site. The bold number on the left is the hit count for the posts:

Planet Lotus Hits

Here are the links to the original posts:


2 thoughts on “My two most popular posts this year

  1. I noticed that the counter on PlanetLotus does never match what my blog reports. I can have 300+ hits on the blog, while PlanetLotus reports 200 or around there.
    That is even when I don’t post the link anywhere else (twitter/Facebook)…

    • Yeah, having more on your blog is normal because of search and other referrers. PlanetLotus actually only accounts for about 30% of my hits, some more than others. But what is weird is these posts only have like 1000-2000 hits and the Planet Lotus site hits are off the charts. They must be just reading the information on PL and not clicking through in these two cases. The searchandizing video only has 240 views, so they are either not going to the video or only watching some of it.

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