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One hidden gem in the WebSphere Commerce world is the InfoCenter. The InfoCenter contains all kinds of great information but the piece I want to focus on today is the Tutorial section. If you are a WebSphere Commerce developer (aspiring or current) then this is definitely an area to check out. Many of the tutorials were created because of the business needs of our customers. Here are a few tutorials I know get a lot of attention:

Tutorial: Adding fields in the Catalogs tool

In this tutorial, you will be extending the Management Center Catalogs tool to manage the warranty and care instruction information and add logic to show the information about store product pages. This tutorial continues the warranty scenario introduced in the tutorial.

Tutorial: Adding search conditions for advanced search in the Catalogs tool

In this tutorial you will be adding new search conditions to the Advanced Search dialog in the Catalogs tool . You will extend the advanced search with two new conditions: warranty type and warranty term.

Tutorial: Extending simple search in the Catalogs tool

In this tutorial you will be extending simple search in the Catalogs tool in the Management Center. Simple search is a function performed in the search widget of the Management Center and it provides the capability to search on a single property, such as the price or size of a product. The current Catalogs tool provides several simple searches such as search catalog entries by name and search category by name. In this tutorial you will provide search on catalog entries by warranty term, warranty type, and care instruction. This will allow your customers to search for additional single properties of your products.

Tutorial: Adding support for multiple values of Attribute Dictionary attributes

In this tutorial, you can customize the attribute dictionary feature to add support for multiple values for attribute dictionary attributes.


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