2011 – A year of change

2011 was an amazing year for me. Full of struggles, change, and excitement. Here are few of the highlights I had for the year (minus a few struggles):

  • First year of be married to my wonderful wife, we now collectively have five kids in the house!
  • I turned 40 this year, really starting to feel old in the mornings
  • I changed career direction – moved out of Lotus and into Industry Solutions – having a great time, love the new job!
  • Kim (my beautiful wife) got me a Harley for my 40th
  • My daughter made Varsity cheer in football and basketball and is in 10th grade.
  • My son Nathan was quarterback and line backer in tackle football.
  • My son Bobby got his first job.
  • My blog took a back seat to many things this year, family.
  • We joined the Disney Vacation club and went on our first vacation, awesome, highly recommend it.
  • Got my second tattoo, which I designed – “Devil Dog Inside me”
  • I finally switched over to Chrome as my default browser
  • I launched KidWrite.net
  • I launched PlanetWebSphere.net
  • 28 Days of Dojo was the best month for my blog, continues to get a lot of hits, thank you!
  • My cat Mindy died, she was 12 years old.
  • I upgraded to the iPhone 4GS, totally love Siri

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