What is the fastest growing web framework?

According to Built With Trends, Ruby on Rails is clobbering the competition with an astonishing one year growth of 1146%! Interestingly though, Ruby on Rails only accounts for about 2.5% of the sites on the web today – I think this means its clearly leading edge.

by Built With Trends

PHP 32.04%
ASP.NET 21.48%
Shockwave Flash Embed 11.5%
J2EE 6.86%
ASP.NET Ajax 5.43%
Adobe Dreamweaver 4.35%
Frontpage Extensions 3.02%
Ruby on Rails 2.21%

2 thoughts on “What is the fastest growing web framework?

  1. PHP and ASP.NET constitute a big pie in Web Frameworks.
    Being an ASP.NET developer I would be interested in knowing which one of them is growing or shrinking?

  2. As some time I was the fastest growing business partner in my region with 800% growth. I went from one part time staff to 4 full time. Did it make a difference with partners with hundreds of staff – hardly. Growth is a pretty deceiving figure without the base it is growing from.

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