New Social targets and triggers in WebSphere Commerce 7

When administrating WebSphere Commerce version 7, you, as a business user, can now use the new social triggers and targets to strike dialogs with your customers. The trigger and action was enhanced in feature pack 3, here for more details.

Now when a customer participates in social activity (blog, comment, review, or rate your products) you can trigger things like sending a coupon for a promotion:

Using the same rules editor, you can use these new triggers to customize your shoppers experience. For developers, you can check out one of the more advanced tutorials to do some pretty cool stuff – check those out here.

2 thoughts on “New Social targets and triggers in WebSphere Commerce 7

  1. Hi,

    I’m with a similant problem, i created the trigger but the trigger is not running, i make all the configurations, but i do not know where I’m wrong here, all the prints of my management center and administration console, someone can help?


    Service activation

    Email Activity:


    • What is not happening? Is it not sending out the emails? For the abandoned shopping cart trigger you have to basically wait a day and then wait for the actual job to run – which you could run manually with admin console.


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