Developers: 4Shared offers $5000 a month in contest!

4Shared, a Virtual drive and file storage company, is offering an integrated file management solution that allows users to access and save their content from their desktops and mobile devices.

4Shared users receive 15 GB of available space for free on their virtual drive, an amount considerably greater than any competitor. The space capacity allows personal and business users the flexibility to choose 4Shared as their secure backup drive for the storage of important data, photo, or video files. 4Shared Desktop is a browser-based user interface features a clean design that is customizable to fit user preferences. It features time-saving functions such as simple and fast drag-and-drop storage of hundreds of files at once.

4Shared is now offering a $5000 a month award to the most innovative application that uses their API’s. This sounds like a great way to get some extra money and create something cool for the web or a mobile device. The company is boasting its API’s (link here) to be used by developers to create applications for the masses. The API’s look very straightforward and their wiki has a lot of nice samples to get even the most novice developer up and running very quickly. On the main wiki page they have basic developer setup instructions for all of the major platforms (iOS, Android, Symbian, etc). My choice would be Android since you can pretty much start for free and Android is becoming more and more popular. They recommend using Eclipse and the Android SDK.

“Offering our API for use by developers allows us to give an even broader range of customers access to our secure and fast storage solution,” said Mr. Lunkov

File storage and retrieval are becoming very popular for mobile phones. While there are a lot of similar services out there today, I really think starting with the developer is a great idea – that is where innovation begins and what better way than to have a $5000 a month contest!

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